Final Home – Hungary

31 máj

My Dear Wendy and Dandelion!

I was so envious about your Mayday stuffs the last time.

Now I’m a little less envious as my own collection could increase as well. First I thought, that is not so easy in Hungary, but the truth is, that you just need some crazy addicted Mayday fans from Asia, who can accept you as a friend from Europe and they send you what you need and make you the happiest person in the world!!!!!

My little collection:

Final Home

The very first piece was the Second Round CD from Dandelion from Singapore. With Mayday began a Second Round in my life last year even before the 21th of December. 🙂 Then I ordered the D.N.A and Jump DVDs from the internet. And now I have Final Home VCD from Wendy from Singapore.

These stuffs born in Taiwan probably never thought they will land in a far away country like Hungary. This is their final home on Earth. 🙂

In June You can go to the concert in Singapore. As Mayday is Monster, Stone, Masa, Ming, Ashin and You, now I really wish to see Mayday live. You can send Mayday’s music by post, and I hope Mayday will come to Europe and bring the spirit of my friends in a live concert.

I’m thankful to You for the Mayday discs and I’m thankful to Mayday for your friendship.

Best wishes!



6 hozzászólás to “Final Home – Hungary”

  1. Nevala 2013-05-31 - 5:08 du. #

    Congratulations… truly. 🙂 Mayday is one of the best bands in this holy planet. And the Mayday fans are awesome! 😀

    • dabdi 2013-05-31 - 7:00 du. #

      For me Mayday is the best, no doubt. But you are right, Mayday fans are awesome! 🙂

  2. maydayist 2013-06-08 - 6:13 du. #

    Hi Gabi!
    It is my pleasure to give you the Final Home VCD. It is nice to find Mayday fans around the world! Haha all Mayday fans are friends! =)

    • dabdi 2013-06-10 - 5:41 du. #

      I’m soooooooo happy! I love this world tour.

  3. bloodbubble 2013-07-09 - 7:07 du. #

    I didn’t know you were collecting mayday stuffs, let me know I’ll send you stuffs from Taiwan next time

    • dabdi 2013-07-09 - 9:56 du. #

      Thank you so much! That is very sweet from you! I’m impressed again and again by Mayday fans! And now mayday really comes to Europe and I can see them live!!!!! 🙂

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