Mayday – You’re The One And Only (English lyrics)

6 ápr

You’re The One And Only (official English) album: Best of 1999-2013

(The lyrics of this song was written by The Road)

(Opening theme song for the TV drama: Rock ‘n’ Road)

The rainforest leads to a snowy scene
A trip you’ve been dreaming about
I transform into the chartered plane that takes you there

If you were gravity
I would never resist
Redefining what level means

Love is an empty diary
And I am a pen
For you to scribble in memories
Fill your heart withmoving laughter
Reading into each moment of beauty

Soaring right up into the sky
The flight you’ve been anticipating
I transform into clouds
To join in your game

If you were a cotton candy machine
I would melt my heart
And spin it into a cloud in your hand

Love is a rainbow, light and shadows
I am the rain
Bringing you a colorful rainy season
Refracting a warm smile
Into your eyes
Calling out for the sparkling blue sky

Love is a transparent crystal
Love is a seal
You suspend at your chest
Guarding crystal clear memories
Allows me to cherish
My life, which you have made whole

Love is each memory
With you
You are the only thing I pursue


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